Served with re-fried beans and Tortillas

#1 Huevos Rancheros: 2eggs, Papas, & Salsa Ran.

#2 Guillermos: 2eggs, Chorizo w/Potato

#3 Omelette: 2eggs w/Bacon, Ham, or Sausage (Pico De Gallo, and Bell Pepper.)

#4 El Mexicano: 2eggs, Chicharron

#5 Migas: Fried Tortilla stips, scrambled with egg/pico de gallo. Topped w/cheese

#6 El Americano: Bacon, Ham, or Sausage. 2eggs, (NO BEANS/TORTILLAS) Papas, Toast, and Pancakes.

#7 Chilaquiles Rojos: Chilaquiles w/Queso Fresco/Onion. 2eggs.

#8 Chilaquiles Verdes: Chilaquiles w/Queso Fresco. 2eggs.

#9 Molinas: Beef Faj. Scrambled w/egg, & Pico de Gallo.

#10 Victoria’s: 2eggs, Papas Rancheras.

#11 Machacado: Dry Shredded Beef, Scrambled w/egg & Pico de Gallo.

#12 You Call It: 2eggs scrambled w/your choice of __Papa, Chorizo, Bacon, or Sausage.

#13 Meat Lovers: Bacon, Ham, & Sausage scramble w/egg.

#14 Ala Mexicana: Egg scrambled w/Pico de Gallo Topped w/cheese.

#15 El Chicano: 2eggs, Papas. Your choice of Bacon, Ham, or Sausage.



#16 Torta: Sandwhich with Bistec, Chicken, Or Carnitas| bell pepper, lettuce, onion, tomato, avocado, jalapeño, mayo, mustard. -Includes fries.

#17 Mexican Hamburger: Old fashioned hamburger| +ham, avocado, jalapeño. Includes fries…


Served with rice and beans

#18 Tex-Mex Enchiladas: 2 enchiladas| beef, chicken, cheese.

#19 Enchiladas Verdes: 2 enchiladas| queso fresco, chicken, or beef.

#20 Enchiladas Rojas: 2 enchiladas| queso fresco, chicken, or beef.

#21 Tamales: 3 pork tamales

#22 Chicken Flautas: 4 chicken flautas, topped w/ sour-cream, lettuce, tomato, Queso fresco.

#23 Quesadilla: Cheese, Chicken, Or Beef

#24 Gorditas: 2 gorditas; Beef faj. Chicken, Chicharron, Bbq, Carnitas


Served w/rice, beans, & corn or flour tortillas.

#25 Tex-Mex Taco Plate: Soft or Crispy| Ground beef or Shredded Chicken |w/lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

#26 Combo Plate: 1 Tex-Mex taco (beef or chicken), 1 enchilada (beef, chicken, or cheese), and 1 pork tamale

#27 Fajitas!: Beef or Chicken Fajita served w/Simple salad

#28 Asado De Puerco: Pork in red chili sauce.

#29 Barbacoa: Mexican BBQ

#30 Carnitas: Tender, juicy, shredded Pork

#31 Guiso de Res: Tender beef tips in Gravy


Small or Large personal sizes. Served with tortillas or chips.

                   #32 Caldo De Res: Traditional Mexican soup (beef and vegetables) served w/a side a rice.

                            -[Seasonal Item]#33 Chicken Chipotle: Spicy Chicken soup (chicken and vegetables)

                   #34 Menudo: Beef tripe and hominy stew

                   #35 Pozole: Pork and hominy stew

Breakfast/Lunch Burritos



||Asado ||Barbacoa ||Bean/Cheese ||Carnitas ||Chicharron

||Chicken ||Beef Fajita ||Ground Beef ||Guizo ||Papas/Rancheras ||Chorizo/Potato ||Chorizo/Bean


||Ham/Egg ||Potato/Egg ||Chorizo/Egg ||Machacado/Egg

||Sausage/Egg ||Bacon/Egg ||Beans/Egg ||Ala Mexicana

||Bacon/Beans ||Potato/Beans ||Potato/Bacon


Huge Burritos


||Breakfast (Potato, Egg, Cheese, & one meat.)


||Lunch (Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Sour Cream, &one meat.)

-Carnitas-Chicharron-Chicken-Beef Fajita-Ground Beef

-Guizo-Asado -Barbacoa

Street Tacos

Carnitas  | Barbacoa  | Chicken  | Chicharron  | Beef Fajita